Cubi machining program comprises: complete cylinder head remanufacturing, complete crankshaft remanufacturing, complete engine block remanufacturing, drilling and honing of cylinders according to the latest technology (plateau honing), installing and leveling of cylinder block sleeves and cylinder block resurfacing, cylinder block line boring, cylinder head line boring, connecting rod reconditioning, lathe machining, and sanding engine parts with fiberglass

The basic mission of Machining unit is to provide a wide range of professional services at affordable prices. To this purpose, Machining unit is equipped with exquisite machines made in United States and Italy. In order to achieve the highest level of quality in machining, special attention is paid to the training of operators whose work is carried out with strict compliance with the production procedures. Every part whose machining is required is treated with the utmost care and precision with respect to all technical and technological regulations. In this way, Cubi is in a position to guarantee that the measurements, tolerances, and quality of the treated surfaces comply with the manufacturer's technical specifications for the given degree of repair.
In order to keep pace with the turbulent development of engine industry, the machine park is being steadily enlarged, and the unit itself constantly expands its activities. It is important to note that all cylinders are honed with an exquisite CK-21 vertical honing machine made in the United States by Sunnen Products Company. Cylinder wall surface honing with this machine provides less wear of cylinders when in contact with piston rings, which ensures less oil consumption, higher power, less heating, and quieter engine operation. After such machining, the engine break-in process is not necessary.
Because good preparation is equally important as the machining process, our specialists work in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications also in this respect. Only when all prescribed measures are used it is possible to achieve the highest degree of machining process quality, which is the business imperative of the entire Cubi system.

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